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Coaxial/Optical Digital Audio Converter with Volume Control

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The digital audio processor is designed to allow optical or coaxial LPCM audio source input and convert to different sampling rates up to 192kHz/24bits. The digital audio processor utilizes DSP engine instead of software process to prevent distortion. The converted audio source signal could be output to both optical and coaxial audio signals simultaneously. The outputs can be connected with amplifier for high quality audio output. Besides, the audio processor support DSD over PCM (DOP) decodes to PCM in order to further process the audio signal not only for sampling rate convert but also volume control. Meanwhile, the pop noise could be reduced when plug in audio source


SKU: ACON-39 Category:


Compact Digital Audio Processor with De-pop, Volume Adjustment and SRC Functions
• Supports coaxial and optical digital audio input
• Supports Non-LPCM pass through
• Supports coaxial and optical audio output simultaneously
• Supports LPCM input sampling rates up to 192kHz
• Supports to convert sampling rate of input audio source. The maximum sampling rate up to 192kHz/24 bits
• De-pop function to eliminate pop sound once plug in audio source
• Supports volume control, the minimum volume control could be reduced to -60dB
• Supports DOP decode to PCM of coaxial and optical audio source
• Supports firmware update via micro USB
• Compact and light weight design

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